About Obelus Media


Optimize experience. Monetize mobile.

In a perfect world, advertising on mobile devices would get the full attention of the user without creating distractions or delays, generating a positive impression for your brand and more revenue for your business.

Welcome to perfect.


We offer new advertising units to Publishers, Application Developers, and Ad Networks as premium inventory for Advertisers. Publishers and Application Developers are in a unique position to integrate this new technology into their platforms. Publishers, Application Developers, and Ad Networks can charge a premium for Obelus’ unique ad units as well as increase their total amount of inventory available to sell to Advertisers.


A Better Mobile User Experience

The lack of visual competition on mobile web pages and applications should be one of the greatest benefits of mobile advertising. If done right, an ad should have the full attention of the user and generate positive sentiment for a brand. Mobile users experience loading time. While waiting, we stare at the screen attentively for the content to appear. Our advertisements give them something relevant and pleasing to the eye to look at, without prolonging the loading process. This unobtrusive method of advertising provides a much better brand experience for users and the advertisers. Because of, and certainly not despite, the small space, a displayed ad will not have to share the page with other advertisers. Multiple banner ads and pop-ups saturate traditional websites, but through a mobile interface, a more personable, integrated, and easier to read advertisement can be displayed.


The Solution

This small space for advertising gives a unique opportunity to advertisers even though many currently view the lack of space as a challenge. There needs to be an unobtrusive way to use this mobile space to connect users and advertisers. Loading Space solves this problem by using a space and time that will not alienate users, and instead will engage them in a personal and unobtrusive way.